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About Us

If there’s one thing we know about our girls, they’re busy living. They’re going to work. They’re raising kids. They’re hitting the gym. They're busy running businesses. They’re headed out on Friday night. They’re brunching or lounging on Sundays.

Keeping you effortlessly stylish throughout the day lies at the core of what we do. At Cort&Co., we’ve made it our mission to provide simple, affordablewardrobe staples to people who love to live. We’ve got the looks you want, with the fabric you love, in the colors and sizes you need.

Skip the lines at the mall; we’ve created an online shopping experience right at your finger tips, that fits your schedule just as well as it does your budget.

Fill your carts with must haves. Our intuitive shopping experience was designed to help you quickly find your favs, while discovering new ones along the way.

At Cort&Co., we want you to be comfortable, confident, and carefree – in what you wear and how you shop. Let us help build your everyday wardrobe and take the hard part out of getting dressed.